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Skin Irritation

Relief of irritation and infection with Gladskin Skin Irritation

Trust Me I'm a Doctor: Micreos technology

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  • Reduces irritation and (small) skin infections
  • Contains active enzyme Staphefekt™
  • Also suitable for shaving irritation

Skin Irritation Gel

With Staphefekt™
From €14.95

Skin Irritation Care Set

With Staphefekt™

Skin Irritation Cleansing Set

With Staphefekt™

Skin Irritation Moisturizing Set

With Staphefekt™

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How it works


  • Targeted approach

    The majority of people with acne, eczema and rosacea carry the harmful S. aureus bacteria on their skin. Gladskin products with the active enzyme Staphefekt™ are the world's only products targeting only these S. aureus bacteria.  
  • Restores the balance of your skin microbiome

    Gladskin products are microbiome friendly. In contrast to other products they leave the beneficial bacteria on your skin intact. We call this bacterial skin balance. 

  • Suitable for daily use

    Gladskin products have been especially developed for sensitive skin and are suitable for daily use for all ages. 

    How it works